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“If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand quantum mechanics”

- Richard Feynman

Vision :

“ To push the quantum computing advancement by creating a cloud developing environment so that every one in the country can take part in this next industrial revolution”


To enhance the expertise of Indian industries to thrive with the world technology development and enable them to be a part of cutting edge research and make them equipped with the trend of the world technological advancement. We at Quantica, develop tools, especially in the software arena to make use all the future quantum technology. Our focus is on developing quantum cryptographic tools which will be able to provide quantum proof data security, which will help the banking institution to protect their transactions. The other area we are working on is in quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our tools and software packages will help ML and AI researchers to accelerate their algorithms using quantum computing tools. The comparatively fast quantum computer chips will be an advantage for developing human like AI, our tools will help ML researchers, especially in India will develop most advanced quantum capable algorithms. We developing our own algorithm to address different realtime computing and data analytic challenges. As a developing country, we missed many industrial revolution and we cannot cost to lag behind this new industrial revolution.


Alchemy (Quantum Virtual Simulator): We are developing a state of the art quantum virtual simulator to compile and run different quantum capable software tools. As an initial step, we have created a single qubit alpha test version and currently updating the simulator to a four qubit simulator. We are aiming to create a general platform to simulate different numbers of qubits to test different topologies and other properties to find the best topological orange bent for different types of problems and algorithms. This platform will enable the researchers and industries to optimise different algorithms

State of the art, client specific algorithms: For each sector, like financial institutions, research, machine learning, we need to develop algorithm to fulfil the specification of clients. The immediate beneficiary of the quantum computing arena will be financial institutions. We create, test and deploy algorithms to satisfy their needs.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: We are creating our own proof-of-concept quantum specific machine learning and AI algorithms. These algorithms will be able to run on future quantum computers and pave the path to new research.

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